White Star Bar – Jersey City, NJ

During my first spin through the burger blogging world, I traveled far and wide in search of perfection, leaving few stones unturned as I broadened my cultural horizons and immersed myself in local culinary scenes. Last weekend I further expanded my gastronomical scope by heading to… uh… northern New Jersey. Gabagool!

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MaGerk’s Pub & Grill – Fort Washington

Despite the fact that it’s not named after the best TV coach of all time, MaGerk’s in Fort Washington is one of my main jams. Its size and varied menu fit it easily into the family-friendly category, and offers a solid beer list and excellent service to round it all out. Unfortunately, the burgers kind of stink. I just wanna love them, baby, but I don’t.

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Lucky Dog Saloon & Grille – Conshohocken [Updated]

[Update 8/9/17: I had a chance to return a few weeks after my initial review and things turned out much, much better. Individual updates below in the Burger section and the overall rating.]

The Lucky Dog Saloon represents the first in what will likely be many reviews of family-friendly places in the suburbs that aren’t Iron Hill. It’s a fact of life that the majority of my going out to eat happens strictly at 5pm and requires seating to accommodate parents, siblings, nieces and nephews on both sides of the family. It was an early goal of Here’s the Beef 2.0 to find the best suburban burger that can also serve as a family night out – and the Lucky Dog is a solid contender in that category, though consistency may prove to be an issue.

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Iron Hill Brewery – Chestnut Hill

I have a like/dislike relationship with Iron Hill. I once swore off it forever which was, admittedly, overdramatic. But it’s been moving more towards “like” over the last year or so as they’ve really improved service, expanded the beer list and added a few standout menu items. It’s also one of very few places we can go as a family of anywhere from 8 to 14 people (including 2 to 4 high chairs) and virtually be guaranteed a table any night of the week, so – like it or not – it’s a staple. And because I go so frequently, and the fact that there are a dozen or so locations throughout the PA-NJ-DE tri-state area, I thought a review might be in order so you can make a decision to swing by your neighborhood Hill if you’re looking for a snack or something more (true love?). So… here we are.
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Cresheim Valley Grain Exchange – Mount Airy

I chose the Cresheim Valley Grain Exchange to rekick this blogging thing off because I had a stellar burger there once before, and burgers are half price every Monday(!). And anyone who knows The Beef knows the only thing I enjoy as much as a juicy burger is a juicy deal, so my sidekick Stove* and I set off to Mount Airy (a Chestnut Hill neighbor; both technically within the Philly city limits).

*Names have not been changed

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New Site, Same Beef (but also lots of new beef)


Hi. I know it’s been a while.

You may have been wondering where The Beef was. Or, like, why The Beef disappeared. And also if The Beef really had anything better to do for the last 8 years (8 years!).


I cannot tell you those things. What I can tell you is The Beef is back.

Here Is The Beef (and sometimes chicken or pork if it looks good).

More to come very soon. In the meantime, check out some older posts and marvel at how many burgers I once ate in a two-month period.